Electrical Services Provider

Every aspect of our living today is dependent on the supply of electrical power. Electric power supply is used everywhere – homes, schools, offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, transports hubs, in fact the list is endless. In all these locations, electric power is supplied by a utilities company only up to a main point and thereafter the electric power needs to be distributed through wiring systems for lighting and to run the various appliances, equipment and machinery which have been installed within the premises.


Playing with electricity is like playing with fire – in the hands of the unskilled, it can lead to disastrous results. Hence, it is advised that only those who have the skills in electrician trade should attend to issues relating to distribution, use and maintenance of the electrical supply. Thus a huge opportunity arises for skilled electricians to provide specialist services.


What is the Role of an Electrical Services Provider?

A professional electrical services provider will gather all the data about the various points where electric power is proposed to be used. Next, the service-provider draws up a plan to distribute the power to each of those points. Finally the premises are wired as per the plan. Any mistakes and shortcuts in this activity are unforgiving and can impact the premises throughout its life. The electrical services provider not only needs to plan electrical power distribution in an economical manner but also consider factors of safety and maintenance.


What are the Opportunities for an Electrical Services Provider?

Users of electrical power will engage electrical services-providers in several ways, such as:

(a) One-time contract to plan, execute and build the infrastructure for the distribution of power throughout the premises

(b) Annual contract for Maintenance of infrastructure as built above

(c) On-call services, whenever a breakdown occurs

How to succeed in Electrical Services Business?

Success in any business is determined by knowledge. Knowledge of the following factors will contribute to success in this trade:

  • Education/Apprenticeship/License in Electrician trade
  • Best practices in electrical services
  • Awareness of the best products available in the market
  • Fair calculation of man-hours and material inputs for any task.

The true magic of electrical services shows up in the satisfied smile of a user when with a flick of switch a newly-built premise lights up or when with a push of button an electrically-powered machine starts up and functions or when power breaks down and is restored.

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