Commercial Electrical Contractor Calgary

A-Star Electric Ltd is the name of the Best Electricity Contractor Calgary land area. Why is it the best? That’s what we’re about to tell you.

To begin with, an electrical contractor is more than an electrician. It is a business that becomes involved in the construction work necessary for the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. This means that the designs must be approved by engineering professionals, the work must be done according to location and federal codes, and the completed project must be subjected to inspection pending acceptance.

A-Star Electric Ltd has the engineers that design the systems and employs the electricians that will perform the actual construction.

Electrical contractors perform three functions:

  • Line contractors build high-voltage and transmission distribution lines. They are the ones who will erect the towers and string the cables that carry the power from the generating plant to the substations.
  • “Inside” electrical contractors deal with getting power to a structure and then distributing it throughout the structure. These are the prime contractors for electrical and cable design, installation, and maintenance. They work on any type of building, from commercial to residential.
  • “Integrated building systems” contractors work with low-voltage systems (think backup generators, climate controls, energy-efficient lighting, telecommunications, fiber optics, telephone cabling, and security systems).

There are major construction companies that do just that. We do all the “inside” tasks and several of the “integrated” tasks, from inception to completion. Because A-Star Electric Ltd is the electrical contractor, we are fully integrated to provide all of the necessary results of the most reliable contractor in the area.

We are fully acquainted with the building codes in the areas we service-Calgary locations.

A-Star Electric Ltd is Very Well known and Reputed Electrical Installation Service Provider Providing Services In Calgary Since 2010 with fully-certified journeyman or apprentice electricians.

To Know More Information About A-Star Electric Ltd Residential Electric Wiring Service Visit:

Address: 519 35 Inglewood Park SE, Calagry, Alberta, T2G 1B5, Canada


Contact No.: 403-830-2536

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