Precaution is Better Than Cure

Electrician or Electrical Services Contractor Calgary is professional person or professional firm managing work relating to installation, design and conservation of electrical systems. An electrical contractor is different from an electrician, thou inter-related; electrical contractor is a firm or company employing many electricians whereas electrician is a single person giving solutions to electricity related work, maintenance or solutions. They both are related terms. Electrician takes care of the electricity supply of your residence or office without you getting involved; they are professionals with complete knowledge about the entire circuit system. Generally we take the electricity issue very lightly, we often come across loose wire ends, faulty switches, wires hanging from the ceiling or wall, and without taking it causally; we should address the issue immediately. So do not get into ‘do it yourself thinking’ and think about the people you staying with or working with.


Faculty electricity supply can destroy your entire house or office and this happens in unimaginable speed and there won’t be any time left for solutions or initiatives. We are in an era with professionalism at the peak and each element or section in your house or offices requires specialty service providers to eliminate any kind of trouble facing us. There are professional companies and qualified electricians specialized in this field and equipped with the latest tools to understand and install electricity supplies. They can see defects or faults easily as they are trained in this field. A-Star Electric Ltd. Residential and Commercial Electrical Contractor Calgary have valid license and insurance before getting into a contract with a customer.

If you install right type of electrical wires it will surely help you to save electricity and by just installing wires your work don’t stop, wire should be from the top brand that renders the reliable wires and cables.

Wire installation is not the work of unprofessional person, it needs an expertise team to do such task as any of your mistake or carelessness could lead towards extremely hazardous situation.

When you are selecting or installing the cable wires, there are some mistakes which are very common and should be treated with the proper care.

Let’s discuss some common electrical wires installation mistakes:

  • Making connection outside the electrical boxes

Electrical boxes plays very important role in avoiding accidental damages caused by electric fire or overheating. It contains the spark or flame cause by wrong wire installation. Never make any such bunch of wire connection outside the electric boxes.

  • Leaving plastic cables unprotected

Plastic cables should never be left uncovered or open, it can be easily damaged and unsafe for your family and you if you leave it unprotected. If you have little children in your house, you must be extremely careful about it.

  • Cutting the wires to shot

If the size of the wire is shorter, than required than such wires could create big problem because lots of pulling will be done during connection process. Always install the right size of wires.

  • Loose wire connections

Another issue is of loose wire connection, many people commit this mistake by installing loose wire cable to save their money. They just wrap it out with another wire to make connections.

  • Connecting wires in wrong terminals

This mistake is not visible and identifiable as everything works properly but it is not at all safe and could cause hazardous situations. Ensure that you are installing the correct wire in the appropriate terminal to avoid any damage.

  • Not having the electrical installation permit

Wire installation is not the job of the unprofessional or untrained person, if you are doing wire installation it is mandatory to have permit for doing any such work. No one has right to take risk anyone’s safety and security.

  • Using the wrong wires in the box

Due to lack of knowledge and many other reasons we usually ignore this point and install the wrong wires for our electrical box. To save money, we purchase wires of low brand and quality that are not at all safe for our home. Do not compromise with the quality and install the right wires.

Best wires manufacturers and suppliers

Wired and cables should be from the reliable and the trustworthy brand.

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