Choose The Right Generator Set And Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply

When the electrical power supply is not consistent, or the voltage fluctuations are massive; you should Install Generator Sets to ensure efficient, reliable and stable power supply to your electrical appliances.

Many variants of generator sets are available for residential, industrial and commercial applications. Before you make your mind for a particular model, it is imperative to calculate the size of the generator.

How should the size of the generator be determined?

Yes, it is a tricky thing but can be done by doing some analysis and calculation. Just imagine your home without power; a complete power outage that lasts for a few hours.

What would you do? What will be your power needs in such case? Do you need alternate power for just the household needs or you run a small industry?

Based on the power estimation in KW, you should select a generator set. There are predetermined numbers of circuits supplied with every generator set.

For example, the 8KW generator set offers eight circuits whereas a 16KW set offers sixteen circuits.

Every circuit is connected to a matched circuit on the main circuit breaker of your household power supply so that it is possible to give power supply to a particular area of the home or a specific appliance.

Typically a KW can support lights and TV, microwave, refrigerator, computer and laptop, garage door opener, furnace, air purifier and air-conditioner.

Understand the KW

You need not be a qualified electrical engineer to do the calculation. It is pretty simple.

One KW means one thousand watts. In a simple word, it is the power needed to switch on 10 bulbs of 100 watts. It is equivalent to 1.34 Horsepower.

Different appliances need different KW requirements. For example, a heater with a single element requires 1KW.

The heating and cooling devices need higher consumption than the normal appliances. These devices need the maximum power when they are switched on (five to seven times higher than the normal consumption requirement).

When you buy a good-quality generator, it gives trouble-free service year after year with little maintenance.

The generator sets are engineered for running long hours. Even in harsh conditions, they work without any problem.

Contact the most reputed Generator Installers In Calgary , who can provide a wide range of Generator set, suitable for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

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